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Home Insurance

Your home houses many of your assets and holds the most important memories for your family. Besides, owning a home is a considerable investment. For this reason, it is only wise you protect your home with a home insurance policy. If you own a home in Louisiana, we at Clearwater Insurance LLC are a reputable independent insurance agency that can help you to access home insurance. Basic home insurance has the following coverage options:

  • House and other structures coverage ‐ If your house is damaged by fire, hail, or other insured events, this coverage will cover the cost of repairing or rebuilding your house. It also covers other structures both attached and unattached. It is essential to note standard home insurance does not offer coverage against a flood.
  • Personal belongings coverage ‐ Clothes, furniture, and other personal belongings are protected if they are damaged or stolen. For expensive items like art, jewelry, collectibles, and articles, you should make sure they are included when purchasing your policy.
  • Liability coverage ‐ This coverage protects you against bodily injuries and property damage claims that might arise when your family members are responsible. It pays for the damaged property, medical bills associated with the injury, and the cost of defending yourself if you are sued.
  • Additional living expenses coverage ‐ While most repairs can be done when you are still staying at your home, some might need you and your family to move out for a while. This coverage pays for the additional living expenses for you and your family while your home is being repaired.

Unfortunate events don't occur every day, but when they do, they can cause significant losses. Being prepared for risks will give you peace of mind. Acquiring a home insurance policy is the right way to protect your home. Call or visit us at Clearwater Insurance LLC in Louisiana and we will help you get a home insurance policy that fits your lifestyle.

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